Tips for perfect eyebrows

Tip 1 - Respect the shape of your face - For each face there is an ideal eyebrow shape: • For a round face, an arched eyebrow combines more, fleeing thin brows that makes the face even more plump .

• For a square face use your eyebrows straight, with a sharper curves at the outer tip.

•For a long face, use a straighter eyebrow to break the line from the forehead to the chin, to soften the very long effect.

•For an oval face a slightly angular eyebrow is recommended, following the contour of the concave.

Tip 2-Keep the natural design of the brow with the rush of everyday life, it is common to fix the eyebrow even at home but it can be harmful, because the lack of knowledge, some serious errors may occur. So when you have those bugs bothering you, just take off those that are in excess and avoid touching the drawing.

Tip 3- Wait for the right time to get rid of the hair - of course the hairs may bother! But it's important to wait the right time to get them out again. The correct thing is to wait 15 to 20 days, because that is the time it takes to grow. If you insist on removing before, the hairs will grow at different times, visually affecting your eyebrows, as the hairs will grow uneven.

Tip 4- Fill in the flaws with makeup – Some people have failed eyebrows, with few hairs and scrapes. If you want to opt for eyebrows Henna, you can fill it at home even with the eyebrow pencil of Expressão Facial® line. Just follow the shape of your eyebrow, filling in the flaws. It is important to use the color closest to your eyebrow.

Tip 5- Choose the color of Henna that matches your skin and your hair – Many women love to constantly change the look of the hair, varying the colors. It is essential to pay attention to the eyebrow when dyeing the wires. The correct thing is making the eyebrow two shades darker than the hair, not the same color. Always remembering harmony with your skin tone as well.

Tip 6- Use only eyebrow pencil – There are people who use the 6B pencil to fill the eyebrow, but this is not recommended, as well as not being beautiful and natural tones for the eyebrow, pencil 6B is not suitable for use on the skin. Avoid it! Use only eyebrow pencils, such as the Eyebrow pencil of the Expressão Facial® line.