Nail Gel. Pleasure to meet you!

Big and beautiful nails concentrates one of the greatest efforts of most modern women and what an effort! After all, everyday tasks do not help much. Any carelessness and there went the nail, it is necessary to trim them. Then the whole cycle begins again, always with that special zeal, sometimes exaggerated, so that they do not break again.

To solve this misfortune in women's lives, the industry offers a variety of solutions. One such solution, by the way, is the Nail Gel, a resin that overlays them and can be shaped into the size and shape you prefer. In addition to durable and durable, they can be decorated normally just like any natural nail, without that artificial appearance.

The professional application lasts on average 2 hours and needs the assistance of a drying cabin. Even with the gel, the nail continues to grow normally and when it reaches a legal size, it is not necessary to redo the entire procedure, only maintenance is necessary, as it is noticeable, as the gap between the gel and the nail grows.

Well, here's the tip, it's worth experimenting with and letting go of so much worry about breaking your nails.

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