Foot self-spa in 5 steps

When we walk, run, perform physical activities or even walk daily, we overload our feet. And for many times we do not dedicate the necessary attention to them. So we have prepared for you a special massage tip.

Step 1 - Wash and moisturize your feet

Wash and dry your feet very well, (including between your toes) then put a small amount of the foot scrub cream Intensive Skin CareŽ on the feet, passing between two hands. Then apply the cream on the foot to the ankle.

Step 2 - Massaging the entire foot

With your foot on your hands, use your right hand to make the movement down (from the instep to the sole) and your left hand in the opposite direction. Begin this simultaneous movement from the tip of the foot to the heel and rise again to the tip of the foot, repeating 2 times.

Step 3 - Massaging each finger and the instep

Place the thumbs of both hands on the tip of the toes and massage from top to bottom. Then massage the entire foot, with movements from top to bottom, ending at the heel.

Step 4 - Massage the ankle

Circularly massage the ankle area with both open hands and fingers stretched, making a slight pressure, slowly traversing the side of the foot to the toes.

Step 5 - Massage the top of the foot

With your fingertips, massage the top of the foot, making back and forth movements for about 1 minute. Repeat the same steps on the other foot.