Set your eyebrow in 10 minutes

With them it is much easier to find the ideal design for your eyebrows!
Mold is the most practical solution for those busy days. Ideal for those who do not give up practicality when applying makeup. The Mold Expressão Facial® has 6 shapes that fit the design of your eyebrows and make it easy to define the design and mark the hair. We show you how super simple it is to wear and make your eyebrows the exact size:

Begin by choosing the model that most closely matches the natural shape of your eyebrows.
Fix the chosen mold on your face, respecting the design of your eyebrows.
Use the “Expressão Facial®” eyebrow liner pencil or DUO Eyebrow Shadow gently fill from the end to the beginning of the eyebrows. Remove the mold and you're done!

Tip: You can also use it to set only the beginning and end of eyebrows. This trick works perfectly for those who don't have a well-defined design or want to match both sides.