5 Curiosities about your Eyebrows

Considered by many the frame of the eyes, wherever they pass, the eyebrows draw much attention, either because they are impeccably delineated or in complete disaster. But it is not the end of the world, because they are those things in life that with a little care are easily solved, even in people who have fewer hairs. After all, always have a friend eyeliner pencil to give that one. But it is not just aesthetic care that the eyebrows are wrapped around. Here are some peculiarities about them that are interesting, see:

1 - It seems dubious, but more than a thousand threads make up the natural eyebrows.

2 - They have the biological function of avoiding that some external agent reaches the eyes, as for example, the dirt that drips with the sweat in the forehead.

3 - In a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study with digitally modified faces, participants more easily identified celebrities who appeared without their eyes than those without the eyebrows.

4 - The skin around the eyebrows is very sensitive, so it is good to avoid epilation on the same day of important events.

5 - The hairs become thinner with time, and their natural life cycle lasts around four months, being reborn in the same follicle of 8 to 10 times.