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About Us
Hintz Cosmetics, a cosmetics company that has been operating in the market since 2006. Our products are aimed at facial beauty, skin care and nails. With an eyebrow focus, considered the frame of the eyes, our Expressão Facial range aims to act in one of the areas of the face that most attracts attention, giving you a new expression through a special touch. Acting in an innovative way, the Intensive Skin Care line comes with revolutionary formulas to take care of your skin. Leaving it cleaner and with a natural shine. And also HNails, our new and sublime product line developed for the construction, protection and beautification of Gel nails. Nowadays Hintz Cosmetics operates in 26 Brazilian states and also in the Federal District. In an area of more than 3000m2, our industrial facility counts on a large structure of laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment, with a highly qualified team and a virtuoso technical staff to offer our clients the most current and with excellence in quality, which has already become a trademark of the company.
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

My Henna turned greenish. Why did this happen?

Regarding the greenish shade, it can occur and is not as uncommon as it sounds. It may first occur if the customer does not use mineral water. Tap or filter water contains chlorine residues which, when reacted with henna and fixer, may change the final color.

Another factor that can explain what happened is in the product production process itself. Henna is a natural dye extracted from the Lawsonia Inermis plant. In the production process some shades are turned to the well known “colder” pigments pulled to the blue tone and others “warmer”, pulled to the reddish tone, various shades of these extracted natural dyes are mixed until the commercialized shade is obtained. When applied, this tone may behave with some variations from customer to customer, further highlighting its base shade.

Importantly, this is a standard procedure for producing henna. But do not worry! After finalizing the design on the client and realizing that the tone was pulling to green, here's a tip: Just apply a little fixative (accompanying henna) and massage for 3 minutes on the client's eyebrow. Then just remove with a cotton dampened with mineral water.

There is no restriction on the use of the product for pregnant women as it is a natural raw material, but it is not advisable to use it during pregnancy because the whole body or the body is in the process of changing due to the use of medicines that can be used in the period. It also does not use actions to use the product for pregnant women, who already use with specific frequency.

In this case, we recommend using our Eyebrow Pencil Expressão Facial®. In this way you can get as good a result as our Henna Expressão Facial®.

If you have noticed that the henna is slightly gelatinous and is not as homogeneous as it should be, this is due to the need to use more mineral water on the mixture.

In the packaging itself we indicate that it is important to add water until the mixture is homogeneous, but we will detail a little more for you:

Add 01 Full Shovel of Henna Expressão Facial® + 1 drop of Henna Fixer Expressão Facial® + 8 drops of mineral water (pure, cannot contain chlorine) in a glass container. Mix well and add 4 drops of water until obtain a smooth mixture, carefully and gradually. The ideal texture resembles the point of a chocolate syrup.

The longer the mixing time, the better the pigment dilution. Ahh, here's a great tip: As you prepare the eyebrow design, leave the henna at rest for about 10 minutes.


Being a reference in the cosmetics business, being recognized not only for the quality of its products, but also for the passion in what it does.


Developing through our work a company present with its audience, being an ally in building the self-esteem and well-being of our customers.

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Rua Vasco da Gama, 491, Boa Sorte, Cariacica/ES, Cep 29141-219

SAC: 0800 014 4689